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Announcement published on

We’ve got big news! Heart of Gold moved to Sparkler!

Sparkler’s an online publisher with a bunch of cool webcomics) that Heart of Gold is on now, as well. From now on pages will be uploaded to their specific Heart of Gold page. Nothing changes, except the URL (we’ll probably create a hub for an online shop, infos on HoG, etc here instead) and we’ll be taking down all pages in a month or two. But you can still read all of them on Sparkler and comment there as well! Honestly we appreciate and love your comments a lot <3 Cool thing is you don’t have to sign up with Disqus there, or wait for approval if you’re a guest. And you get a funky looking icon…?

EDIT: there’s also been an update, completely forgot to mention that, check it out here!

We’re really excited about this, and we hope you are as well 😀 Can’t wait to see you there, hehe!

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