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Heart of Gold is a mystery/romance story with religious themes that revolves around Dunant and Ionel, and their growing relationship.

In a small town in France, an unusual kind of mass is held – the local priest, Dunant, describes them as “faith healing,” where he promises that those who are suffering will be healed of their ailments with just a single touch of his hands.
One of these people is Ionel, an albino pianist who is struggling with his failing eyesight – something that could mean the potential end of his career. Something about the priest’s blessing doesn’t seem right, however, and so Ionel starts investigating.


Main Artist & Co-Writer
Freelance Illustrator and Comic Artist located in Vienna. Really likes death.

Coloring/Lettering & Co-Writer
Graduated from the Lucerne School of Applied Sciences and Arts with a Bachelor in 2D Animation, Film. Freelance Artist and Illustrator.

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